The Idle Brewery

The Idle Brewery at the White Hart Inn

Established in 2007

‘The Idle’ has tried consistently to produce high quality full flavoured real ales. Utilising a fusion of old and new methods to produce our CAMRA acclaimed range of real ales.

Our first brew … ‘Idle landlord’ gave the embryonic brewery a real hit for its opening offering. When it received wide acclaim both from the regulars in ‘The Hart’ and from the many beer festivals to which it was submitted. Local and regional CAMRA representatives, members, real ale enthusiasts all offered both their congratulations and voiced there desire to see ‘whats next’ out of the brewery.


December 2008

Fresh out of the fermentation vessel our new brew for Christmas ‘idle santa’ 4.5 ABV a rich golden coloured ale. The first ‘firkin’ as is our practice went on sale in the ‘Hart’ today the brew quickly drew the attention of our ‘real aler’s’, it was widely acclaimed as ‘good gear!’, ‘or a real goer’ . but it should be said our ‘real boys’ are all proper IDLE fans that said if a poor beer gets onto the bar it soon gets brought to my attention.

The brewery boys inform me that all this first brew has been sold already and they are frantically trying to brew more as we are sure demand for this brew will quickly out pace our ability to brew it in time for the Christmas season.


The year so far has been one of many ups and downs, problems and plaudits aplenty. Ranging from breakdowns shortages and missed opportunities, but all in all great progress has been made both within the brewery team and our growing reputation and customer base. We have tried constantly to turn problems into solutions and have learned along the way that the most important thing is to stick firmly to our first principles. These principles simply stated are. ‘Quality is none negotiable our standards are high and failure to achieve them is not an option’. ‘We aim to give our customers good value and good service and we ask our customers to be fare and honest with us’. We use only high quality ingredients in our brews and brew with pride no corner is cut no stone left unturned in the pursuit of quality and consistency.

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