View from the bar

In Uncategorized on February 9, 2009 at 12:15 pm

Village Life

Well we had a ‘snow day’ yesterday over night several inch’s of pure white snow feel and paralysed the area school buses

Another day in ‘Stockwith’ and as usual life is ambling onward with all about us living and working as normal. We at the ‘Hart’ are doing so in our own inimitable way,our friends and customers stopping in and out as the mood takes them.

The river again looks like polished glass, mirror like, motionless to the eye. Until a duck or dog shatters its surface sending ripples across to our sister village ‘East Stockwith’, eighteen miles or sixty yards away. It is the backdrop to all our lives within the village, but we have no knowledge of the other side of our erstwhile neighbours ‘ so close and yet so far’ . A river though deceptive in its piece, a river that’s under currents and tidal flow can cause havoc to our boating friends and end unwary lives without a moments pause.


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